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Related article: Date: Thursday, July 14, 2011 22 53 0100 21st From: tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject: Brief Encounter Chapter 77 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm **************************************** *** ******* **************************** ====== == | | | | / / / ____/ u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e u003e NOTE as of July 2011 Please note what holdays with summer and all the rest of it, the fortnightly routine can contribute to the stream, but again, s no! In any case, I should be back in time to post regularly again smiling all the way August more or less in the meantine Keep only, ** ************************************* *********** ** *********** **************** Chapter 77 - The end of next week "ThisWOT come to think that then? "Simon was supported by the pride from the wall. "Shit ! " Tom and Alex watched in amazement. Brian could not resist a instead blatantly pushed the front of his pants when viewing n change of underpants soaked in the top floor of a bus. David was the spoke for the first time. " WOT is this guy Ian seem then? " " bits is greater than art, fine hair, something y... sorta fairish "Simon became an , and toured the park trying to see if he was there, " and I know you want your Mom always smart for him. " " Well, so is mine. "Said Joe. " do not press Bet yer pants when ` the cause ! "Simon smiled. " I was heard to say, the way that has become quite acidic with a look at orderly at all times. " " Now give me ideas mother that way! " Joe looked over the park s". See? " " No.. "Simon shook his head. " But one things for sure is not fuckin ' look very cautious when setting the type of laundry. " The more I thought Davidwhat we just heard, the more excited I s ever. The facts had to be reconfirmed. " So let's do this right then. You just a little annoyed by accident when This was Ian surprised, and then runs through all his clothes, art and Ian wants arts SWOP, and take their Pissy, Cummy trousers and pants to go home. " He paused. " Is that right? " " Yes, about that. " Simon nodded. " Then let's get off the bus and start over home, but the pants keep slipping. " " Because art is too fat to go Ian " David has always been loving time n for this reason, " she was in the clasp was broken through art. " "right". nodded again. " Then, if they contribute to the arts in the country and turn Ian 's pants.. " added Joe. " Those things X Wolsey. " Confirmed Simon interrupted. "And all fair and white, you could see all the marks on them! " " Mark? " Joe asked with enthusiasm. " and Pee. " "to go and then goes into 'em in shorts and wank yer he " asked David excited. "And then thinks type had 'em all night s good? " " You're not ? " Simon smiled. ", of course. " " And I know, "continued Simon," Today, because Ian has his Blazer all, except for the fact that he too damn fat pants have hidden form `em " " and she pants ? " " for the course. He loves ' em all Sun Cummy is not it? " " Uumm... "Joe blushed. " because it's there.. look, "interrupted Brian shows on the other side of park," he is with... HHMM.. Nigel Martin, right? " " Yes, I see, " Joe stayed in the distance," Human Right and yer, his all buttoned jacket. had " " Well, he kept his pants yesterday, maybe it has line a little about ' em now! "Simon laughed. " He's fucking desperate is not it? Could " " fucking her hope, "said Tom," but at least you brother. I wish I did. " Alex saw just smiled and said nothing. " Well, I have little brother and he becomes a pinprick right! " said Brian. " Wonder where he got the idea? "DavIdentification seen mountain Brian Short. " Seeing him, you know," said Tom. "Every minute, running in your pants are like art ! " " Gimme a few minutes and I could! " The liberated Brian smiled. "WOT something to do dinner somewhere this morning is broken only is not enough. " "A couple of minutes! WOT I want you so much?" Said Alex. " Well, it seems that the usual bog dinner, then? " Joe felt in his pocket to confirm that he knew he was always broke. " type of practice for Sunday, I spose. " Tom said, smiling. "Let's go to s December - double physics now innit Alex" Outside the wall was leaning against the corner of the block science Art just say that the end of his own adventures with Ian and Simon in the bus home and how to buy Ian 's clothes. That with a very clear description of what Simon scolded by Ian continued fascination panties and wearing their mutual straw, together with subsequent had received from his fathere. After hearing this, and knowledge in the art began to play with it through the hole in your pocket, it was no surprise that in Free Lolita Pics the end it three had obvious erections. If he does not re-experience that was erotic enough for art, was followed, to his great joy for a general told him version n of the bus trip that ends Martin and Nelson Martin in the room, \\ \\ but e fact, they were off the bus fast enough for high- lying more. Saga Concludes Tizer and Martin found that sleep of his mother, but Art Martin has been repeated in great detail the state was when he awoke. Not go unnoticed by Nigel, on the second floor of the situation Martin is the kind of embarrassing flick fingers the hole in your pocket. As a way out of the mud was about to guess end of his cock a wet spot had started forming inside the and underwear color. " Bleeding hell Mart, you're fucking lucky. Cor, that my mother was a little more li understandingke, dass "said Nigel. " So that was it? otherwise that was said? " "No! " " You're lucky. "Said Art " No, not her. "Martin said. " But still I can not look at her n after the capture of me, even though. " " you. Do not worry. "Said Nigel. " Hey, I said it just happened. The funniest part was that I was afraid I Free Lolita Pics always girls in trouble! " " Now I can take at any time and in trouble! " Art said with a smile. " looks like yerself yer fucked in a minute! "Observed Nigel. " Do not to do when you woke up this morning? " " Mmm, good. "Type of nodded," But I could do it again now. " " " Spose I could. " Nigel smiled. " talk now ", was said Martin looks around to see if anyone n , lowered his voice, "he thought Nige could be three fun and I need something bigger than a few fingers ass for me, so, wot Think Art. would you? " " you had to ask! " type laugh. "Right now, if you want to get 'em windown! only tell me when and where! " " Now you can ask Ian how well blood is finally here, "said Nigel shown in the left side. " Where the hell have you been? "Asked to see three bands and very surprised, Ian elegantly dressed in his own clothes. " Oh, shit, you're 'em has Where are my clothes? " " Oh, shit I'm sorry, it's a long damn story ! Father has me want to have small talk with me about growing up.. " " Oh, " responded in kind, what Ian 's father had to do with the confusion. N " Is masturbation ? "Said Nigel. " This is not WOT he calls it, but yes, the left. Especially after yesterday when Free Lolita Pics I caught my mother how I was running in yer pants ! "Vio by the way, making a face. " You are mine ? WOT is my black pants, cum on 'em... oh fucking hell! " Giggle art began," but had had a little stress "n " in 'em now, I know.. and so does my mom now, " Ian had to smile. " I was splashed with semen, for yer pants and everything was different. Then the stupid cow gave not see anythingI'm dripping in front of his cock! is so neat and damn right you would not believe ! " This brought a big laugh. " So my dad told me later, no? "Ian shook his head. " ` because she said, but really do not know Free Lolita Pics what to say, I just said n what I was dealing with a large straw WOT like other children ! " " WOT, he actually said that he had a straw? "Martin said, laughing. " Yer, it's that simple! Free Lolita Pics Anyway, wanted me to get up this morning, and talk some more. However, " have a car is a fucking bitch and the puncture I'm fucking note, and all that fucked up too late and had a scribble whore stuff n, " took a deep breath, "and I'm fucked " pissed off with everything! " Another fit of laughter. " The art of listening - because I 'm so sorry to tell you "stopped Ian Try not to laugh," but my dear mother, smelly clothes, sticky black pants and trousers so can I 'em back to all of you fucking type clean and ironed morning. marriedGHT to do by hand for all the spots out! " Laughter broke out positive. When the noise died, it was an art of very red face, which seemed to Ian with a look of total disbelief. \\ \\ n " Wot! Your mother is washing the pants? No hands "asked little by little. " You know what they are y... y... WOT is all about them? " " No idea, I'm not asking, but you can! It's bad enough when s back the hands of 'em me all morning nice to not iron, I know I can say, , then! " " Oh fuck me! "Said Art image one day he meets his mother to meet her mother Ian " I have been offered ! "Said Martin with a smile. " Well, you get WOT now, " Ian Free Lolita Pics saw type of pants," Oh, shit, are not yet yesterday 's clothes are you? Sorry. " " There is everything is fine but a bit tight and the pants I needed to find an old belt. "Art smiled: " It's fucking horny because yer pants is not I really had to stay because Simon in a straw 'em and bit n put ' em in a ! " " WOT, littlSimon and him on the bus ? "Ian was in shock. " Yer, you can not wank for a small semi 'UN ! " He responded to the application of a clamp type movement No rubbing the front of his pants with one hand and the other deep in the bag sit in the hole. " Do not forget also had four loads of me, too! " " is going to be fucked five years, the way you go, "said Nigel was trying not to laugh and noted the growing gap in the top of the bounce and fly exposed waist the writings. " Simon can wank in 'em too? " Martin stared Asked art package. " Fuckin 'hell, I think everyone should wear ' em down and pick up one of ' em, then! " " Fuck me ! "Said Ian. " Do not you dare wash for them or anything, I them again as they are ! " " Do you really want a fuckin 'good '? " Nigel smiled and pushed his store Ian flying direction. " Well, fuck me anytime, but I think Mart wants to go to me at all the first place! " Art was in the direction of Martin, as he spoke, the race I felt a tingling enthusiasm for the spine. "Oh, I know. I really fucked! " He said it sounds like a joke. It was a joke, as his cock jerked confirmed to blue light Y fronts and can precum other strips. It's almost as if to draw attention to the guy says Ian. "And I can it feels it has a small hole in yer pocket, right? " Ian could have blushed, but all eyes were on the path to insane action in the pocket. The rack, slow with root of all the activity was a fly to the gradual opening and do more and more wet, stained white cotton. For art - friends, because avid student of dirty underwear, was n very erotic, waiting odd at first glance of the eye drooling organ. consumed by sex, type of mind was at Hahn had concentrated vilified continued more or less to build, as the last lesson of the last in the afternoon. From their actions it was clear to those around him, now in a n others of his unstoppableHe rolls and had no inhibitions. Once you have discovered the small hole appeared under the guise that it is better than was able to get through just two fingers. No one seemed to hear the weak rip the cover of the bag gave way under the pressure allowed to shake hands if and grope the sticky fly letter. At first watch of the movements of the hand was exciting enough, but the greatest satisfaction was is needed. Soon, the type of action is reflected to show that it was the only one point each time with wet pants, though definitely in pole position Nigel was a brief comment about the degenerate faster than from the uniform condition, when the bell rang lesson immediately kill the opportunity to be heard. " Aaawwwwwhhhh... " type called immediately after Nigel is expressing equally silent before suddenly doubled, and clung desperately to their stomach. Several hands clung to think about art, who was ill and would come down past the Bellring providing useless conversation. "Fuckin 'hell, baby, what happened to it ? " Said Nigel tried to drag an le back straight and leaning against the wall. " The deafening bells bitch ! " Martin added that indicates the obvious n as I watched, Nigel and Ian kind of prop against the wall. " is a fucking appendicitis or something innit ? " Ian said, seeing that it looked very close to up pretty horrible and the type of sweat had broken out now. Martin, but a little wiser and skills owned by another tuned very diagnosis came back as the bell to take no more stock of the situation. Seconds later, he broke into a fit of uncontrolled laughter that Nigel and Ian was surprised. " WOT damn you laughing? " Nigel asked, surprised by the apparent lack of compassion. " Well, come and fucking here," Martin said with a trembling finger on the art with laughter. " WOT? WOT is fucking mean then? Yer, you fuckin Ian ' awaits aMinute or that is going to fall ! " Driven Nigel kind, more like a sack of potatoes to Ian and returned the instructions. He saw, he turned to Martin and then looked again. " Oh damn type hell.. You... Fuck that shit ! " Now, with Nigel Martin and rolling with laughter, abandoned Ian of art against the wall collapse and went to join to see Nigel that was fun. shortness of breath in one position and screaming laughter was almost impossible to type, to stand without support. the old belt elastic belt hanging some is wrapped around the pants, the closure of S was on the floor with allows pants are well below her thighs. apparently without the tape, the worst zip through energy masturbation had given unequal struggle and got pants revealing the disgusting mess that once Ian Wolsey X immaculate white underpants. disorderly and soaking wet cum sank up, the balls only serves to frame his co -contraction redck and the long line of semen that always turned down. Martin took a deep breath and forced himself not to run in the on the site. The temptation, his cock right there and it was awesome kind of wet hole. In any case, n is a lie final fantasy for manufacturing. " Fuck! " Nigel took a deep breath and paused. "Art, son of a bitch, just wot about you so fucking sexy doing? " "Mart fucking good!" Ian said, his hand in his pocket was very slow and deliberately rubbing the spot precum that had formed at the tip of the cock of his s on her bed in her white cotton panties. "We must take n back to cum in your pants ! " "Not now Do not forget the Free Lolita Pics fucking bells just happened !" Said Martin is desperately trying to get the image of art of the mind. He did not succeed. unable to to resist looking back, looked at the art oozing head of the queue 'm wonder if I slip without causing too much pain. And when ? " Son of a bitch, why do you think yer guts package then? All thshould be fucking sick. "Asked Nigel watched from the corner of my eye the last Some children run away from the field. " That's when the damn belt broke innit ? "Art was laughing," I n access to me bloody pants when she fell and I shot the load of crap instead of ! " " Do not forget, "said Ian, who are still looking forward to color in underwear, " is the clothing that has been running in "N " I for them to wash and promise. "Art responds to the struggle for the train n sticky panties over his erection. " Hey, "said Ian," which is blue spots on my pants? " art looked down and laughed. " Quink " " Quink ink damn dirty innit lawn to look, he's already masturbating fingers ink! "Hi Nigel laugh. " It's going to wash, he always does, or the whole school would be bleeding blue! You had a pen that does not expire n then ? " " No, oh well.. "Ian paused and smiled, " wash your pants is not the case then I wants ' em, like them! " This was undoubtedly the new Ian radio orne, who had rediscovered n to himself as a fetish for other guys dirty underwear. "I might be interested in Free Lolita Pics them. " Winked at Ian Martin, for the n account of what has just been approved in red. "No need to" Nigel put his hand on his shoulder and whispered : ". I I think we all understand the attraction, " ". Here, look " said Art proudly. "That 's all right? " " Yes, something like that. " Nigel was very worried too late. with a dirty shirt, wrinkled neck Plush and bad and a jacket is buttoned ready dressing. But without the zipper belt now only structural items held his trousers, a very important point, which seemed beyond all art appreciate. " Come on, be late and do not want to bring more problems. " Martin was and the recording of your pocket. "We have Ian French is not it? You Wot Nigeria? " "mmm... geography, mathematics, and then break before dinner, art, innit ? " Nigel decreased moresent mind staring at the outline of the Martin gray panties visible through tight pants. "Maths SHITBAGS Oh damn !" Took the art, laughing one minute before evaporates immediately. " I'm fucked in mathematics in the afternoon. " " Wassup ? " Ian asked, surprised at the sight of an immediate change. " WOT is a Shitbag ? " Martin looked confused by the power of expression is art. "Fuck the damn SHITBAGS do I have math homework ? Shit that, fuck, shit, I was fucking going to" make dinner. " Ian Nigel looked hopeful to contact all appeared when of the problem. Continue to mutter angrily to himself was a kind of drag a the twisted knot tie, grabbed his bag and ran to catch up. the reality of school life was once again led him dropped from the sexual high. Nigel was well aware that it is often assumed similar problem by saying that of having to return to the role of the consultant. well why la vieends have considered it a wise in a position to understand the solution to all problems of adolescence, never gave , but in reality was that the friends were? " Nige, I really look up everything okay ?" Dynamically, as a rule, life was gone the type of voice. had a lump in the throat Nigel know that was kind of voice signals in the vicinity n break , is turned. The art is still fighting losing the battle look around even vaguely presentable. Nigel has been dilemma immediately, as if to say that actually lost the battle and if n going to be brutally honest, was that art and smelled like cumrag n kept under his bed! Since its appearance, the type had been under the folded printed latent math homework so the last thing I wanted was Nigel actually pushed further down into the swamp of despair. " Ahh..... sort of.. HHMM " he smiled. A true test of friendship in a impossible situation. " I think I could join yer retying do.. " "You can not ! " Said Art "Nevarious vicissitudes, is not it ! I put in the head. " " Nige "was very sad Nigel Martin and raised eyebrows. " I am Sorry, but we'll have to go because we are exactly at the end of the corridor n. Thus, we will break for dinner. Best of luck mate. " Ian Martin received a base on balls and then kind of gave a quick hug. " Yes, HHMM.. " " Oh shit! " Type look, from top to bottom, was emotionally exhausted. Ian and Martin went reluctantly away wondering what the result Free Lolita Pics would be n. Somehow nature always seemed to his own downfall engineer. Little , he said. is " are you okay? "Nigel took his bag. " We can only do so if a step further. " " Not really. " He wiped his eyes as he looked at his bag. " I'll get to really fucking bollock is not true now? Mathematics I never fucked it just fuckin ' look at me. " " Maybe, " he put his arm around him began to drive him to Nigel broker, " Now clean the face and stop yer, or you will fuck I n as well. " " Do you reallyI see well ? " red eyes and around her messy chaos of his uniform, did not see anything but. " Na.. Arte. oh shit. I hate seeing you like. "Nigel wiped the face of s hand on his sleeve," Now, do not fucking crazy, but I have n say no, it's easy to get close to the teacher, ' cause suck cum! " " You are.. " Intermittent type looked at his face, " Shit, I can not say no more.. oh shit all. " " That's the fighting spirit of the age! " " Oh mad, "said art director a faint smile. " save yerself now, calm down because we're here. Anyway, first is geography innit , which could not... HHMM.. Do You notice yer is not as tidy as forever! " such thing as a classic understatement, but Nigel felt the tension as good. They stopped at the door half open, listening to the sounds of the in the classroom. \\ \\ n " We did it there are about ten seconds left before it officially comes too late! "Closed fists and closed his eyes for three of the ten precious second type steeled himselfso he figured that was coming. " Come on guys, come on you. " Mr. Vincent, the geography teacher standing behind them with a lot of blue workbooks. Art took a look at the covers of dog ears, probably somewhere in the pile was the work he submitted shortly after is copied. His heart sank, and now had something else to worry about good. ########################################### \\ \\ n chapter 78 to follow
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